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Foggy Forest



Our mission is to drive sustainability and improved environmental impact by providing strategic marketing and communications services. We help businesses, NGOs and other non-profits define, tell, and leverage your own green stories, connect fully with constituents, and accomplish your goals for a strong ROI and a healthier planet. 


Our generation and generations to come will prosper and live peacefully and equitably on a healthy planet Earth.



Ask and answer the important questions:

Will our planet recover?  Will our children and their children have clean air, clean water, healthy food, a good life? Will people treat each other with dignity, equality, and respect?  Or will the world descend into the dregs of science fiction lore where only those at the top of the chain of privilege have a good way of life? 


Until everyone on the planet understands the dramatic impact our collective action has on the health of our world, our planet, the home of future generations, will remain in jeopardy.


Storytelling is a conduit to help people identify with different perspectives, foster understanding.  Masterfully crafted, it's a tool that can reveal the mutual benefits of climate mitigation, sustainability, and planet stewardship, with a consideration for the value of diversity, equality and human rights. Strategic Communication allows us to meet people where they are and give them opportunities to take action from wherever their starting point. That action moves your programs, initiatives, and ROI forward.


Everything we do influences what the next decade, century, millennium will inherit.

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