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 GSC Clients

Growing our list of Clients, Partners and Collaborators with deliberate care.

This is only the beginning!

AY- Musik


musician, entrepreneur, sustainability activist using his music to stir passion, create change and save the planet.


Battery Tour

Music with a message of impact - Over 800 Performances to date powered by renewable energy - Battery and Solar Power 

Global Goals Music Roadshow

Moderated by AY Young and Timo Peach - bringing ordinary and extraordinary people together to discuss issues related to the environment, the SDGs and the work all of us can do to fight climate change and injustice and promote a hopeful future.

Screen Shot 2022-06-15 at 2.46.16 PM.png
Good Energy Project - Climate Storytelling Playbook

The Good Energy Project is a nonprofit creative consultancy that’s unlocking the power of TV and film to inspire courage in the face of climate change. Through the "Climate Storytelling Playbook " supporting screenwriters to weave climate into popular shows and new films, making it as present as the climate crisis itself.

YEA! Impact - Young Entertainment Activists

YEA! Impact:

YEA! Impact is a social impact agency rooted in the power of grassroots community-organizing and storytelling. Their top issue areas include environmental justice, intergenerational action and intersectional storytelling.


The VolunteerNow® mission is to transform lives through volunteers. Volunteers change everything - where they live, work, and play - and transform their own lives in the process of serving others. Whether it's connecting nonprofits to the free workforce that they need, supporting teachers and students in the classroom, or providing volunteer infrastructure for municipalities, VolunteerNow programs and services build capacity for our communities to address critical needs.

MDHY Clients

Details about clients dating back to 2012 can be found at MDHY Communications

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