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Let’s work together to save our planet

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GSC offers strategic communications for businesses and non-profits with a focus on sustainability, environmental education and the Climate Crisis.  Whether your business needs help to develop strategy and promote current initiatives, a one project PR plan, or a complete strategic overhaul, we've got you covered.  


We can make an assessment and provide support for your Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, Community Outreach goals, or Educational Programming or facilitate educational programming aligned to state and national standards.  ​ We'll work with your organization to create far reaching initiatives aligned to your business model and the UN SDGs to engage youth and adult audiences, and catapult your projects to the forefront.  


Green Strategic Communications will pull together a team of experts with your needs in mind. Connecting clients with our global network of environmental partners and experts; forging mutually beneficial relationships to promote programs that benefit everyone, reduce costs, create buzz, expand reach, and provide additional perspectives for each partner to reach their objectives. 

GSC specializes in networking and collaboration, leveraging talents and assets so that we can change the world together.​

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