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Brynne Casto
Intern - Summer 2022

Brynne Casto is a virtual high school intern based in Castle Rock, CO. After participating in the EarthX Planet 911 Youth Film Challenge and being awarded the impact grant, she spent the summer of 2021 interning for Melanie Yonks at EarthX. There, she audited and edited the session recordings of the Youth Fellowship, as well as managed engagement and keyword data for multiple projects.


In her free time, Brynne enjoys photography/film, graphic design, and environmental/marine science. Recently, she was named the Colorado Stockholm Junior Water Prize State Winner for a research project investigating the effects of synthetic estrogen on the heart size of water fleas ( Brynne also runs a small creative business with several friends from which 75% of the proceeds are donated to sea turtle conservation ( on Instagram). She plans to continue her passion for the environment through college and into later in life.

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